10 signs you should invest in Chromebook Headphones

Chromebooks are making a wave in the markets. Jeff Nelson was the leading person to create a “Chromebook’ in the Google Company. It all instigated when he got irritated trying to reboot Firefox; which was consuming nearly 45 seconds. A Chromebook is chiefly a laptop that has chrome as its operating system as a replacement for of windows. Built on these merits of being effortlessly well-designed, internet linked, transportable and lustrous flair, chromebooks that are the cutting-edge sensations in the domain of technology. Once you have one on your desk, you should also have the modern devices to praise it. Envision having the trendiest invention available, but a scruffy headphone set alongside. That can be quite the let down if you were making an impression. So let’s make sure you know about all the signs that can motivate you to buy a Chromebook headphone set.

If you hate the headset mike because you don’t like it hanging on your neck, or you have to face neck rigidity concerns due to it, fear no more!  You can use the up-to-the-minute FlamingoMic. As the name itself specifies, it can curl up like a flamingo around your computer with the aptitudes of leeway and flexibility. And more, it works when you plug it in your USB port so you don’t have to bother yourself for mind-numbing appliances. By this, you can work with your hands without difficulty; all the while the plug keeps coupled.

GE Universal All in One Stereo Headset is a very fashionable device and you’ll adore it! The adapters it has have the capability to attach to more than a single device. Distant from that fact, the Chromebook (3.5mm connector) it is with no trouble connected to mobile phones and tablets. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that chromebooks solitarily support 3.5mm TRRS connectors that are not found typically. Following are the ‘ifs’ that you must keep in mind if you want a sign to buy a Chromebook headphone.

  1. If you’re going out to the public:
    Going out in the public can be very annoying if you’re bothered by the city noises of rushing cars, chirping birds, mumbling people and working machines. In order to make sure that these noises do your sanity no harm you can get a headphone with a built in microphone. But it’s better to go without controls because they have not been known to work well with chromebooks.
  2. If you like wireless:
    Another happy thing to know is many companies are producing wireless headphone to go with chromebooks so that you can put them in your ears and walk around a specified distance from your Chromebook and still be able to hear sound. If your job requirement is as such, or you just like to move around or dance along to beats, this is the best option for you.
  3. If you want to look up-to-date:
    Everyone wants to look absolutely up to mark in this world. If the world is progressing fast, so should you. Chromebooks are making waves and so are these essentials. Prep yourself up a bit with Chromebook headphones. Also keep checking the internet and local markets for latest accessories.
  4. If you’re into accessories:
    Ah, we all know someone who likes accessories more than the actual gadget. Chromebooks are pretty sleek inventions and to top them off with headphones looks even sassier. From there on you can go to Chromebook cover screens, Chromebook LED lights, Chromebook mouse, Chromebook stickers, you name it!
  5. If you are bothered by noises:
    If you’re generally troubled by noises around you, or the constant chatter of people seems a nuisance, you can simply purchase Chromebook headphones and shut out the world every time you’re working, playing or even just scrolling your Facebook. You will feel at ease immediately.
  6. If you’re a gamer:
    Oh if you’re a gaming addict, then Chromebook headphones are a must. May it be counter strike or a war with the zombies online, you need headphones to focus on the game better, pump up your chances to win and keep it to yourself without bothering those around with the audio! Furthermore, professional gamers are invited over to play with more potential players and together they all need Chromebook headphones in order to play.
  7. If they’re easily available:
    Well, if your local market sells them at an affordable price, then this is a sign to go ahead and get yourself a pair. Make sure you check that they are compatible to your device and the ports. No one wants an investment gone wrong due to lack of care.
  8. If you like soothing tunes:
    Many people are advised by doctors to listen to soothing sounds, or keep some light music on to maintain peace of mind. If you’re a Chromebook user, you can purchase headphones to keep this music on all the time even when you’re working or sipping a cup of tea in the café.
  9. If you have to study:
    The worst time of the year is finals. Not to mention the tests, quizzes, assignments and exams all year around. Keep your peace of mind, all the while preparing for the test in the most serene environment by plugging in headphones and keeping the distractions away.
  10. If you want to be the cool dude:

Alas, chromebooks are the new thing in and not everyone has it. If you’re lucky enough to have the latest invention at hand, you better jam it up a notch by having some trendy headphones to go along with it no? Imagine being one of the few who has this latest technology; you will be famous in an instant.

Although the headphone plugin process is the same as all other devices, there are some details that you can check when faced with Chromebook headphones. Sometimes the problem is very simple, but at other times you might need to go into a bit of tedious work. And if you see any of these signs in your life, head to the nearest market and buy Chromebook headphones!

The history of Chromebooks and WHY we need to know where they started from

A Chromebook is basically a laptop that has chrome as its operating system instead of windows. It can be used when the internet is available with cloud storage as the main medium of storing data. After being introduced to the general public, the major customers were schools. This is because in light of the recent advancements in science, schools are also looking forward to increase their student output in terms of creativity, cooperation, intellect and of course up-to-date citizens; a Chromebook has all the essentials that can help them achieve this level of productivity. However what’s the history?
The idea:

Jeff Nelson was the first person to make a “Chromebook’ in the Google Company. It all began when he got frustrated trying to restart Firefox; which was taking up to 45 seconds. However, these seconds were proving to be cumbersome because as a developer he needed to save that precious time. He thought; why not create something that starts Firefox quicker?

The development:

Jeff started using Puppy Linux to begin working on his idea. It took a lot of failures, many disappointments and a whole lot of work before he could advertise the idea of a WebTop. However, his company paid no heed to his efforts and as a result; he left the company for good. It was later on that his ideas took the shape of a Chromebook, but the tragedy is that no one acknowledged him and his ideas ran into the hands of others who took credit instead.

The real deal:

Jeff argues that the real idea had been to create a Chromebook that does not require any offline Unix environment. The online environment that the chromebooks give was not in his initial plan and has been induced by those who ‘took’ his ideas. He claims that after he built the raw prototype, he took it to his coworkers and his director, David Jeske, but everyone rejected it as impossible. This was because this Chromebook had to be ‘online’ all the time and that meant a lot of flaws in its sale. After that, he began working on it alone because he believed in the project and in himself. After several tries, he managed to impress the Chrome team i.e. Mike Jazayeri and that consequently went over to Larry Page to be assessed. After that, he never got credit for his work.

Google’s insight:

The focal persons at Google state that the idea may have been Jeff’s but all the proceedings that led onto producing a Chromebook are not at all his, and the real product is very different from what he was trying to produce.

Jeff’s thinking:

Jeff believes that Google may be a high class company but it also contains humans who are greedy and are vulnerable to politics. Even though it is a company that seems far from such atrocities, but there still are workers there who can kick you off to gain credit for something that wasn’t theirs. Jeff accepts that he did not write the entire coding program for chromebooks but he did do two patents on it that he left with the company. When the Chromebook was introduced, it did have his coding programs but he was not given credit for it. He demands that Larry Page must come forth and accept that he was the man behind chromebooks so he can get due acknowledgment for his invention, unlike those that took the fame in shame. He also states that his mission is not to take the claim from others who did work on the project because they also deserve to be named, but he should have his due recognition too.

The controversy:
Jeff Nelson thinks that Google has an intellectual property battle going on and will lose if they accept that Nelson had been the inventor of Chromebooks.

Why is this important to know?
The chromebooks are flooding the markets, so why must we know who began them? The answer to that question lies below:

  1. He deserves it: If Jeff Nelson really did create chromebooks, he has the right to be acknowledged duly. Therefore, it is important to uncover the real story behind these events and find the evidence that states who the father of Chromebooks really is. We may not benefit off from the revelation but it is our duty to honor the man who gave us this invention.
  1. Big companies are ‘human’ too: We must realize that big companies like Google, Apple, and Samsung etc. are human as well. We feel that everything there is perfect, but indeed they also have their shortcomings and glitches that make them all the same like us. They are also prone to mistakes and can be wrong.
  2. Humanity: to remind ourselves that humanity must exist alongside humans. No one has the right to claim another person’s work, and present it as their own. We must be happy in the achievements of others and pull out and destroy the root cause of greed, hatred, self-indulgence and making others feel lowly of them.
  3. Itsy bitsy spider: What we must learn from this tale is that you must never give up. Even though Jeff faced a lot of difficulties and rejections, he did not give up hope. He managed to crawl out from the shell of abhorrence and create what he wanted to.
  4. Stand up for yourself: Another lesson off the story is that you must always stand up for yourself. The World will push you down, take your rights and make you weep. But no one will ever vouch for you, if you don’t vouch for yourself. So always fight for what is right and what is loved by you.
  5. Curiosity cravings: you know what they say; curiosity killed the cat. So, in order to calm our inquisitive brains, we must know how Chromebooks actually surfaced on earth and who was behind it truly?


What really happened, we might never know. But we can learn a lot from the tale of Jeff Nelson and the curious case of Chromebooks.

Troubleshooting your Chromebook Headphones

Chromebooks are the latest innovation flooding the markets but even they can have some headphone problems associated with them. Although the headphone plugin process is the same as all other devices, there are some details that you can check when faced with headphone difficulties. Sometimes the problem is very simple, but at other times you might need to go into a bit of tedious work.

Are your headphones selected?

Maybe your problem can end even before it begins! Perhaps the headphones have been put in the jack but your system has not accepted them yet. On the right bottom corner of the chromebook, you can see the time, profile and other icons. One of them is the system tray. You can assess that to determine whether your headphones are selected or not. If they are not, merely click on the name and they’ll become functional.  At other times, they have been selected but the volume is muted. So you just need to unmute and raise the volume for them to start blaring sound.

Make sure the headphone are firmly plugged in

Make sure that the headphone is plugged in correctly. Many a times, you are worrying about the functionality of the headphones when they just haven’t been inserted in the jack correctly. Chromebooks are known to have slightly different jacks than normal devices so it’s natural that you might not be accustomed to how to insert the plug. Give it a tight push till you hear the sound of it inserting, and then use them. You can also try reinserting them after once removing them.

Alter the chromebook:

Maybe the problem lies with the chromebook. You can restart it to see if the headphones start working. Secondly, other cords and cables can disable the headphones so make sure the chromebook is HDMI free. Thirdly, you can close the lid of the chromebook for a few minutes and then lift it. Sometimes the device has overheated and can’t perform all functions. Giving it a rest can help I perform faster and enable the headphones. If the problem persists and the headphones work on other devices, you might need to reset your chromebook as a whole.

Try a changed set of headphones

If none of the above actions work, you might be facing a case of malfunctioning headphones. Many technical issues can be the reason of this malfunctioning and here it is important that you try to resolve the issue before buying a new set. The foremost act must be identifying the issue at hand:

Identifying the issue:

  1. Plug in the headphones to your device and curve the cable all over the place to see if you can hear any sort of sound through it. If the answer is yes, it means that the cable is out of order.
  2. Put on the headphones and push/alter the plug round the jack. If they start working, it means that the plug has run out of business.
  3. Remove the earpiece from the cable and attempt another earpiece. If it works, then it shows that your earpiece has the error.
  4. If you sense that the problem has gone further than these little catches it is better if you refer these to an expert to be fixed as a substitute of spending useless time and cash.
  5. Assess the charge of repair, and compare to the prices of brand new headphones. If the prices are very near, buying a new set shall be more economical. Nonetheless, if they have a massive difference, you can attempt to repair them on your own.

Fixing the Cable:

  1. Remove the external of the wire to uncover the wrecked part of the wire i.e. approximately 1.25cm. Underneath the tubing will be an insulated wire which is the signal and the bare one that is the ground.
  2. Insert shrinking rubber tubing over the exposed wire; the use of which shall be seen at the end of this section.
  3. Connecting the wires together is the next step, where the color code of the insulated wires is equivalent.
  4. Make sure that the wires are not touching each other because then the headphones will not work properly.
  5. In the consequent step, use a soldering iron to melt solder over the wires you joined and let them dry in the air. As soon as it is cooled, use a decent tape to cover up the wires together.

Fixing a Broken Plug:

  1. Based on the form of plug, you can either screw it off without difficulty or you must cut it off because they have been factory manufactured by glue.
  2. At this instant put the fresh spring over the cable, as well as rubber tubing. Begin the connections; the simple copper wire is attached to the lengthiest metal segment. The other two pins are joined with the two insulated wires inside.
  3. Now by means of your soldering iron, you must put solder on the pins and melt it. Repeat this process for all the wires.
  4. Re-adjust the cap over the pins to make the headphones work.

Fixing the Earpiece:

  1. Take the stuffing off tenderly, ensuring that they are not dislocated and look for the screws that are there to hold the instrument together.
  2. Loosen the pieces. Then inset any minor lever or instrument underneath the cap and give a tiny push uphill so that the cap comes off. This is a gentle procedure that can harm the earpiece if done hastily.
  3. See if any of the wires are not attached correctly. Just put the wires back into their normal places and the headphones will work just fine. If two wires or more are disordered, consult a guidebook before reattachment.

All in all chromebooks are making it big in the markets, and their headphones are just a minor detail that you can either fix by a few tricks up your sleeve. There is no need to add your cash into this matter in huge amounts or to be bothered by repair shops.