Best Headphones for Chromebooks 2020

The Chromebook is a new type of laptop used for just like other laptops, but there are a few things that make the Chromebook unique. The Chromebook runs on Google Chrome OS and getting compatible accessories it needs to take care of it.

While buying the right headphones for Chromebook, you need to be careful about what kind of headphones work with this type of laptop, like that the headphones with audio jack input are compatible.

There are many Chromebook-compatible headphones available in the market. The following are some of the types listed:-

  1. AVID AE-54 Headphones: These are a new very popular choice for school headphones. Priced right and built for the classroom, you’ll find these in classrooms all over the country. A great choice for Chromebooks and more.
  2. Premium Headset for Chromebook: It has a classic black finish and with its simple design gives a different look to your everyday day. The silicone earpads available in various sizes fits all its users. The perfect fitting earbuds prevent background noise improves the audio. It has an in-line mic and remote which you allows switching between listening to music and answering calls in a very simple step i.e. by pressing a button you can operate play, pause, and skip for the smooth move.
  3. DURAGADGET Compatible with Acer Chromebook Series C7& C720: It is a new brand with classic finishing look, lined with a plush padding to ensure the ultimate comfort of the user. It is an over-the-ear designed with speaker units to make sure you have a minimal sound loss and prevent background noise while you are listening to your favorite music or watching videos.
  4. SoundMagic E10 Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones: This unique for its metal earphone construction, capable bass balanced with superior musical audio with frequency ranging from 15 Hz to 22KHz and it has a powerful 10 mm Neodymium driver.
  5. Skullcandy S2IKDY-10 Ink’d 2.0 Earbuds Headphones with Mic: This is one of the best earphones. It has Ink’d earbuds feature customized fit and include an inline mic and control switch to help you to keep in touch with your choice. It has excellent sound quality with flat cable for style and durable, with additional sizes of silicone gel earbuds sleeves included for a perfect fit.
  6. Logitech USB Headset H540 981-000510 USB Headset: This is designed in a way with soft and padded leatherette headband and ear cups to keep you comfortable even after long hours of using. It is compatible win10. It has rich digital stereo sound with plug and play USB connection and instantly connects with music, movies and for PC Calls. It also has rotation boom microphone to reduce background noise for having explicit chats, and you can rotate and hide the mic when you are listening to music. The on-ear control is easy to adjust volume and option for muting the microphone and with the mute light indicator when the mic is off.
  7. Logitech Clear Chat Comfort/USB Headset H390: This has padded headband with ear pads. It can be rotated with noise canceling microphone and the convenient inline volume and mute controls and advanced digital USB. It has adjustable, padded headband and plush ear pads make sure you are comfortable wearing it.June 2020 update: Consider the remote learning functionality of Chromebook headphones / Chromebook Headsets as you prepare for Fall 2020.

How Chromebooks are Being Used in Remote Learning

Ever since COVID-19 caused schools across America to shut down in March 2020, learning has taken on a whole new look for students, teachers, and parents nationwide. For the first time in our history, schools took their curriculum online and quickly pivoted the typical classroom learning model that has been in place for centuries to take place 100% online, all in a matter of just a few short weeks!

These unprecedented events were not without their hiccups, as teachers all over the country quickly discovered that there is a vast difference between in-person learning and remote learning- and students and their parents quickly realized that there is a learning curve when it comes to completing and submitting assignments online, as well as interacting with teachers and classmates via videoconferencing apps like Zoom.

Amid all this change and upheaval, there was also the question of what to do for students who did not have access to a computer at their home. Fortunately, as a number of schools already have invested in classroom sets of Google Chromebooks, they were able to quickly assess the needs of their students and check Chromebooks out for at-home use for remote learning.

What makes Chromebooks the go-to laptop computer for schools all over the nation? For starters, they’re simple to use. Kids as young as kindergarten age can use them with ease to log into their remote lessons. Their plug-and-play nature and easy access to the internet via the Google Chrome browser makes them a favorite of students of all ages- not to mention their parents and teachers!

Additionally, since many schools nationwide are using the Google Classroom app to organize online learning resources for students across all grade levels, it helps that the Chromebooks come equipped with all of the Google apps- including Classroom- for easy access. This makes it convenient and easy for students and parents to find the correct learning modules specific to their students’ classes. Since a student can remain logged into Google Classroom for extended periods of time, there’s no need for children to have to remember their password each time they need to log on to Google Classroom, eliminating the hassle of complicated setup for parents of younger school-age kids. All a child or teen has to do is open the Google Classroom app, put on their Chromebook headphones, and they’re ready to put in a day of remote learning without much assistance from their parents, regardless of their young age!

Perhaps one of the main reasons Chromebooks have cemented their place as the preferred school laptop computer for remote learning is their low, affordable price. Chromebooks are available for purchase at a fraction of the price of a Mac or PC laptop, yet offer all the capabilities students need to effectively learn remotely. For this reason, schools are more able to afford large quantities of Chromebooks, meaning that they are able to lend more of them to students for home use.

Though the Google Chromebook has been around for several years now, they have been more instrumental than ever in the lives of school-age children and teens, thanks to how they have enabled students to learn remotely during the COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to the affordability, ease of use, and security of these remarkable devices, kids all over the country were able to successfully finish out the 2019-2020 school year.