Why Are Some Chromebook Headphones So Expensive?

Though Chromebook works like any other laptop, some features make it unique. The fact that it runs on Google Chrome OS means that it requires original or compatible accessories. These accessories include the headphones and their uniqueness had driven their prices high above the others in the industry. Most of the headphones come with a 3.5mm connector for convenience purposes. Here are just a few reasons why the headphones are more expensive compared to ordinary headphones in the market.

 Quality Of Sound

The quality of sound determines your user experience whenever you have your headphones on. There is no use having headphones if you cannot enjoy quality sound. Chromebook headphones are designed specifically for the devices and thus are not prone to the quality lowering mass production. The sound is distinct and cannot be found anywhere else.

The experience of Chromebook headphones is enhanced by the sound canceling ability. It protects you from hearing other sounds in the environment and background. Since these headphones come with a voice control feature, you will quickly and easily adjust the sound to suit your needs and the environment. This feature of enhancing sound canceling ability is worth paying an extra dollar for in headphones.


Have you ever had headphones that are so uncomfortable that your ears get irritated? Chromebook headphones are designed to cover your ears without being too heavy completely. This makes listening to your favorite audios an enjoyable experience.

Comfort is guaranteed with Chromebook headphones whether you are sitting or lying down. You can adjust your position and that of your headphones to suit your situation. The adjustable features also help to fit your head perfectly. They do not come with the irritating material that forms part of earphones. Even after using the headphones for hours, your ears remain dry and free of irritation.


The tendency to avoid buying an expensive accessory drives many people into cheap products. With cheap headphones, you have to buy a new pair every so often. This is not an invitation to spend a fortune on headphones. A good set of headphones is durable and gives you excellent value for money. Value for money means quality sound and comfort. The quality of sound is consistent even with age. Even with ordinary impact, like falling or being pulled while on the move, they do not get damaged easily.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Like all other headphones, Chromebook headphones are bound to get dirty through wax and dust. This may affect sound quality. However, these headphones are easy to clean with a damp piece of cloth and some soap. This helps to maintain the excellent sound quality.

Above all, Chromebook headphones will protect your ability to hear. Any sound that exceeds 85db is dangerous for your ears. The design of Chromebook headphones is that they will not exceed this sound limit regardless of the features of the source of the sound. They do not expose you to an abrupt increase in sound. You maintain control over the volume and thus have your ears protected. With these and more features on a single pair of headphones, it is no wonder that you have to pay an extra dollar. However, it is worth it to do so.

Which Chromebooks Use What Type Of Headphones

With a mention of the word ‘Chromebook,’ the mind automatically drift to such topics as budget-priced, independence in operation and cut-rate performance. Again, tech gurus advise anyone owning the device to focus on storing items online, get the right Apps, pick a bigger keyboard, print from anywhere and, of course, buy the best set of headphones.

But why the best set of headsets?

After you are done with hipster boasting your Chromebook, I’m sure you won’t delight using old, lackluster accessories. Many prefer the phrase “Can I use…with my Chromebook?” largely because the device is truly one of a kind. Everything has been covered so far, except the topic surrounding the type of headphones for the Chromebook. You ought to understand that to get the best experience when on Google Talk and Google Plus Hangouts, premium headsets are more than mandatory.

Headphones, headsets, and Chromebooks

As an average Chromebook user, you probably know that Google Talk and Google Plus Hangouts are part of the drill. And, without an excellent set of Chromebook headphones, the many limitations of the onboard microphone will surely make your experience unpleasant. They say you can use any regular headphones on all Chromebook types, but then again, “any” means that both the good ones and the bad varieties are acceptable, right?

The bad ones are No-No because they are devoid of the grandeur and the properties to warrant a continuous use. Moreover, every current Chromebook requires a combo headphone-mic jack for quick chuck in and a guaranteed better experience. The Samsung Series 3 boasts an incredibly excellent audio quality and it, expectedly, demands a matching headphone brand.

The most popular Chromebooks and their respective Headphones worth checking out

Chromebook Pixel

According to MobileFun UK, the best headphones for Chromebook Pixel vary in shape, size, price and other varieties. The most popular ones include SoundMagic E10 In-ear headphones in gunmetal that are built to last, Ghostek EarBlades Wireless Bluetooth Earphones, Veho 360 ZS-2 water resistant and Plug N Go hands-free. Nearly all of them feature a water-resistant design.

Samsung Series 3 and Samsung Series 5

If having a great PC is in your DNA then you need Buddy HeadsetMic – the next generation of headset microphones. Made of heavy duty and durable materials, the headset also comes with a 2-year warranty. Moreover, it can be paired with a host of devices Apple devices too, which is virtually incredible.

Other headphones that go hand-in-hand with both of these devices include Samsung OEM 3.5mm Stereo Headset and Samsung OEM Wired 3.5mm Headset. If you are an adventurous type, try the most popular headphones for Chromebook – Ultrasone, Bose, Sennheiser and ThinkWrite Premium Headset.

Acer C7

Acer C7 ranks top among the classy Chromebook varieties and works well with Aircom JM Airtube Stereo Headphone. The headset’s noise-cancelling earpad tips, along with the patented sound technology – Airtube collude to deliver an incredible music experience. When you are engaged on your Google Talk and Google Plus Hangouts, the secure fit feature will also make everything great.

Other headphones that do a great job and deliver an amazing experience include SoundMagic E10 Noise Isolating earphones, Skullcandy earpad earphones with mic, Logitech USB Headset for all PC calls and Music and Logitech clearchat Comfort USB headset.

HP Pavilion 14

Much like the other Chromebook gadgets, HP Pavilion 14 only require the very best of headphones if it is to deliver the best Google Talk and Google Plus Hangouts experience. Typically, the latest crop of headsets, including those designed to fit the most recent smartphone models, serve the best purpose. For this type of PC, Aircom A1 Airtube Stereo Headphones and Aircom JM Airtube Stereo Headphones deliver an incredible experience. They’re durable enough to withstand the rugged and rough handling by students and work extremely well.

The Parting Shot

When all’s said and done, all Chromebook PCs are mostly used by students since almost everything is centered on using the internet and being online. They need a host of accessories if they are to perform well, key among them being the best headsets. And, given that students aren’t good at taking care of electronic stuff, including headphones, it’s advisable that one buys, not just the best in quality and performance, but the tough ones. The above list features perhaps the best headphones and headsets for Chromebooks. Check them out!

Are Chromebook Headphones Noise-cancelling

When considering the best headphones for Chromebook – those that guarantee easy and ambient Google Talk conversations and Google Plus Hangouts, one of the go-to features include the noise-cancelling feature. Headsets that can reliably reduce unwanted noises, perhaps when one needs to enjoy peace, off the unpleasant sounds from the outside world often get a nod.

Sure, not all Chromebook headphones arrive with this capability, but it’s impressive to note that many of the most recent ones come with the noise-cancelling abilities. Noise-cancellation headphones make it easy to listen to music, watch movies and even hold meaningful online conversations using the same headset’s microphone. In fact, with them on, no one would be prompted to raise the Chromebook’s volume excessively and stand a risk of damaging the eardrums.

Granted that mobile noise-cancelling headsets come with a premium price tag, they ought to simply because they bring the allure and grandeur that’s absent on the well-known headphone brands. But that aside, it’s impressive to mention that unless one uses such a headphone, the priceless benefit will until then remain a novelty. The most recent active noise-cancelling headphones arrive with an excellent sound quality, bolstered by the most recent patented technological innovations.

Some of the best Chromebook headphones with the noise-cancelling feature

Bose’s QuietComfort 25 headphones stand top among these unique and pricey gadgets given that it blocks monotonous noise more effectively than any other. Moreover, it is one of the few headsets known for audio sounds of reasonably good quality. Many would say that such is expected from Bose, but then again, that’s what the market and those who own Chromebooks expect.

Another headphone that works impeccably well in blocking low, steady sounds is Sony MDR 1000X. Safe for a few drawbacks, this headset’s over-ear design and the active yet adjustable noise canceling abilities makes it among the most preferred Chromebook headphones. It is wireless, and thus operates via aptX Bluetooth, but the sound adjustment nodes serve to deliver that crisp, clear sound.

One of the greatest features with Ultrasone HFI 580 Professional Headphones brand is the high-quality sound consistency. As sophisticated as they look, the headphones perform well in canceling unpleasant noises. Dark in color and fold-able, but with large and soft earpieces, and with the S-logic surround sound, those Google Talk conversations, much like listening to music and watching movies are an absolute glee.

While it might look like the giant-sized headphones are the only ones that befittingly cancel out unpleasant sounds, the small ones with rounded ears blades do well too. Chromebook Pixel is one type of PC whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. One of the reasons for the widespread acceptance amongst students fond of Chromebooks is the PC’s accompanying pool of noise-cancelling headsets.

According to one of the most prominent online sellers of electronic gadgets, MobileFun UK, SoundMagic E10 In-ear headphones, Ghostek EarBlades Wireless Bluetooth Earphones and Veho 360 ZS-2 do a fantastic job in canceling noises out. Phiaton B1 220 NC also appears among the few wireless earphones that do exemplary work in canceling noise and delivers a reliable audio performance.

So, are Chromebook headphones great in noise-cancelling?

Indeed they do, although not all of them have the ability to do it. Moreover, these are some headsets that actively cancel noise while other do so passively. Active noise-canceling gadgets are designed with a microphone to gather outside noise and work on counteracting them. They actively do so, leaving a quiet and serene environment for the wearer to enjoy whatever they are listening to that day.

Other headsets cancel noise passively – without the use of batteries. Of course, they aren’t as robust and reliable as the actively noise-cancelling headphones, although they tend to serve the job well. Frequently, Chromebook earphones with good-fitting earcups form a seal around the ears and thus do the canceling passively.

Which way to go?

Honestly, noise-cancelling Chromebook earphones don’t come cheaply. So, if you are looking for headphones to be used in a serene, residential neighborhood or a quieter office, better make your selection smartly. Over-ear headphones could help you experience the peace and calmness as you use your Chromebook. If noise-cancellation isn’t an issue to you, just bank on them. But whatever the decision you take, just make sure that you buy a headphone brand that suits your needs as well as the working of your Chromebook PC.