The Rise of Chromebook Headphones: Why Are They So Popular?

A cursory glance at Google trends reveals Chromebooks to be a very popular search topic. Lots of people across the world are looking to learn a few things about Chromebooks, with search phrases hitting the 100 mark almost every year in the last 3 years or so.

The popularity of Chromebooks has also lead to another product getting a lot of attention – Chromebook headphones. Every year, more and more people search for Chromebook headphones according to Google Trends. They are essentially one of the must have Chromebook accessories, and for good reason.

Most Chromebooks ship out with built-in microphones and speakers, but there are situations where the built-in audio system might not work out so well. Like when you are in a coffee shop and you want to catch a video on YouTube. You can’t shush everyone to in order to listen to your video. What you can do is get yourself a nice pair of headphones to use with your Chromebook.

Top Audio Equipment Manufacturers Are Getting In on The Game

Another sign that Chromebook headphones are the new popular kid on the block is the fact that top headphone brands have a line of dedicated Chromebook headphones. Bose, Beyerdynamic, Sony and Life is Good (LG) Electronics all have audio solutions for Chromebooks.

But the popularity of Chromebook headphones is all down to the popularity of the platform. To understand why these headphones are so popular, we should look at why Chromebooks are popular in the first place.

Attractive Pricing

The success of Chromebooks, and the Chrome OS is well documented. For starters, most people jump on the Chromebook bandwagon because of the price tag. Before Chromebooks, owning a decent laptop meant parting with more than $500.

Not today though because you can get a laptop powered by Chrome OS for half of that. That’s the same price for a medium range smartphone!


Once the price draws you in and you buy your first Chromebook, you don’t expect much from it. The hardware specs are not that impressive with some laptops running Celeron processors while their Windows counterparts run the latest core i7 processors with tons of RAM.

You’re however pleasantly surprised to see that your low-spec Chromebook boots a whole lot faster than any high end laptop. In fact, Chromebooks boot almost instantly when you turn press the power button.

That’s because they run on Chrome OS, an operating system made from Google’s Chrome browser. Chrome OS uses relatively few computer resources to get work done, unlike other platforms that require heaps of RAM and CPU cycles just to open a browser.

If you are coming from Windows, you probably know the Chrome browser takes up a lot of resources. Trying opening many tabs at once and you run the danger of having the whole computer freezing up on you.

That doesn’t happen on Chrome OS though. You can open as many tabs as you want without degrading performance. In fact, even if you open 20 tabs concurrently, the system doesn’t even show signs of lagging.

Remember, you are getting all that performance from a computer with very limited resources here, so that’s quite impressive.

Battery Life

Another thing that draws you to make a Chromebook your main computer is the battery life. Most laptops that run on Chrome OS clock more than 10 hours on a single charge. Benchmark tests show that even intensive use such as watching videos online or heavy web browsing doesn’t degrade the battery performance.

Online Apps

Traditionally, you had to purchase or download an application, install it on your computer and run it. With Chromebooks, you don’t have to. All your apps such as word processors, spreadsheets, email, and a whole slew of tools can be accessed through the internet. That means there’s no need to download any apps on your Chromebook. Just connect to the internet and you can do almost everything.

However, even if you are not connected to the internet, you can use some apps offline and later sync them to when you get an internet connection. Google also hinted that later in 2017, new versions of Chromebooks will be able to run Android apps natively. That means you’ll be able to do a whole lot more on your Chromebook.

Those are some of the reasons why people are falling in love with Chromebooks. These reasons also contribute to the popularity of Chromebook headphones. Better get yours today.