Are Chromebook Headphones Noise-cancelling

When considering the best headphones for Chromebook – those that guarantee easy and ambient Google Talk conversations and Google Plus Hangouts, one of the go-to features include the noise-cancelling feature. Headsets that can reliably reduce unwanted noises, perhaps when one needs to enjoy peace, off the unpleasant sounds from the outside world often get a nod.

Sure, not all Chromebook headphones arrive with this capability, but it’s impressive to note that many of the most recent ones come with the noise-cancelling abilities. Noise-cancellation headphones make it easy to listen to music, watch movies and even hold meaningful online conversations using the same headset’s microphone. In fact, with them on, no one would be prompted to raise the Chromebook’s volume excessively and stand a risk of damaging the eardrums.

Granted that mobile noise-cancelling headsets come with a premium price tag, they ought to simply because they bring the allure and grandeur that’s absent on the well-known headphone brands. But that aside, it’s impressive to mention that unless one uses such a headphone, the priceless benefit will until then remain a novelty. The most recent active noise-cancelling headphones arrive with an excellent sound quality, bolstered by the most recent patented technological innovations.

Some of the best Chromebook headphones with the noise-cancelling feature

Bose’s QuietComfort 25 headphones stand top among these unique and pricey gadgets given that it blocks monotonous noise more effectively than any other. Moreover, it is one of the few headsets known for audio sounds of reasonably good quality. Many would say that such is expected from Bose, but then again, that’s what the market and those who own Chromebooks expect.

Another headphone that works impeccably well in blocking low, steady sounds is Sony MDR 1000X. Safe for a few drawbacks, this headset’s over-ear design and the active yet adjustable noise canceling abilities makes it among the most preferred Chromebook headphones. It is wireless, and thus operates via aptX Bluetooth, but the sound adjustment nodes serve to deliver that crisp, clear sound.

One of the greatest features with Ultrasone HFI 580 Professional Headphones brand is the high-quality sound consistency. As sophisticated as they look, the headphones perform well in canceling unpleasant noises. Dark in color and fold-able, but with large and soft earpieces, and with the S-logic surround sound, those Google Talk conversations, much like listening to music and watching movies are an absolute glee.

While it might look like the giant-sized headphones are the only ones that befittingly cancel out unpleasant sounds, the small ones with rounded ears blades do well too. Chromebook Pixel is one type of PC whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. One of the reasons for the widespread acceptance amongst students fond of Chromebooks is the PC’s accompanying pool of noise-cancelling headsets.

According to one of the most prominent online sellers of electronic gadgets, MobileFun UK, SoundMagic E10 In-ear headphones, Ghostek EarBlades Wireless Bluetooth Earphones and Veho 360 ZS-2 do a fantastic job in canceling noises out. Phiaton B1 220 NC also appears among the few wireless earphones that do exemplary work in canceling noise and delivers a reliable audio performance.

So, are Chromebook headphones great in noise-cancelling?

Indeed they do, although not all of them have the ability to do it. Moreover, these are some headsets that actively cancel noise while other do so passively. Active noise-canceling gadgets are designed with a microphone to gather outside noise and work on counteracting them. They actively do so, leaving a quiet and serene environment for the wearer to enjoy whatever they are listening to that day.

Other headsets cancel noise passively – without the use of batteries. Of course, they aren’t as robust and reliable as the actively noise-cancelling headphones, although they tend to serve the job well. Frequently, Chromebook earphones with good-fitting earcups form a seal around the ears and thus do the canceling passively.

Which way to go?

Honestly, noise-cancelling Chromebook earphones don’t come cheaply. So, if you are looking for headphones to be used in a serene, residential neighborhood or a quieter office, better make your selection smartly. Over-ear headphones could help you experience the peace and calmness as you use your Chromebook. If noise-cancellation isn’t an issue to you, just bank on them. But whatever the decision you take, just make sure that you buy a headphone brand that suits your needs as well as the working of your Chromebook PC.

What are Chromebook headphones and Why you Should Buy Them?

Chromebook headphones are those that work with any Chromebook. Most of them come with a 3.5mm connector for convenience. As such, you should be able to easily connect to your Chromebook which features a 3.5mm TRRS connector. So, if you have a Google Chromebook, any headphones with a TRRS connector can work for you. To buy Chromebook headphones, you should consider their size, quality, and price.

Here are reasons why you should buy yourself a pair of Chromebook headphones:

High-quality sound

The sound you get out of your headphones makes all the difference. What’s the use of headphones if you are not able to hear the sound properly? With the advanced technology used to make Chromebook headphones, you can get distinct sounds you wouldn’t find elsewhere. If it is music you are listening to, you can hear and clearly distinguish the beats. With this, you don’t just have an enjoyable experience, but the noise from the environment is canceled out. Since Chromebook headphones come with a volume control feature, you can quickly adjust the sound to the level you want.


There are types of in-ear headphones that are so uncomfortable that they irritate your ears. That is not so for Chromebook headphones which are made to cover your ears while being light on the head completely. Listening to your favorite audio shouldn’t be such an uncomfortable thing if you have Chromebook headphones. If you can find a pair of fitting Chromebook headphones, you are sure it will stick on your head whether you are seated or lying down. Unlike the materials on earbuds which irritate your ears, Chromebook headphones are of superior quality to keep your ears dry, as well.


People have the tendency to avoid expensive things to save money only to end up spending it buying cheaper stuff again and again. If you invest in Chromebook headphones, you are likely to make use of them for an extended period of time. That doesn’t mean you must spend a fortune on your headphones. There are good quality headphones that are healthy and affordable, all at the same time. So, don’t look at the price, but ensure you go for durable Chromebook headphones that provide a consistent quality of sound.

But how do you know that you have a pair of strong Chromebook headphones?  First, they will not be damaged by slight falls or pressures, and the wires will not easily break even when bent and rolled. Ensure the plug is strong enough to withstand the action of adjusting the headband again and again. If you are sure you have the right pair of Chromebook headphones, go ahead and buy it.


You don’t need to have wireless headphones to be mobile. Even Chromebook headphones with wires will still give you great mobility. All you need to do is plug in your headphones and carry your Chromebook to enjoy the freedom of moving around. Even so, if someone was to give you a phone call, you can talk to them without having to toggle your Chromebook.

Easy to clean

Chromebook headphones, when used regularly, are bound to get dirty with wax and dust that might block the sound. However, you don’t have to worry about cleaning them. A good set of headphones should be easy to your clean. There are some which you can douse in a damp cloth as you wash the foam with some soap. So, don’t be afraid to clean your headphones if you hope to keep them working at their best.

Protection of hearing ability   

Exposing your ears to sound that exceeds 85 db can be severely damaging. Chromebook headphones are made so that they don’t cross this limit. The aim is to keep your hearing intact. Some Chromebook headphones come with a feature that allows a gradual increase in the sound especially after answering a phone call. With this kind of headphones, you can be sure to prevent the shock to the ears due to an abrupt increase in the volume. Your ear drums are protected to make sure you continue hearing for a long time to come.


There is clearly no reason why you shouldn’t get yourself a pair of Chromebook headphones. After all, they could make your life more comfortable. So, go ahead and buy yourself a pair today.

Are Schools Smart in Buying Chromebook Headphones for their Students?

Chromebook headphones can be used by schools to help put students in a classroom on the same level. They encourage the students to pay attention and interact better with the teacher for the sole reason that they can hear every word that’s being said. Every school should invest in Chromebook headphones for use in the classrooms. The headphones could be for use by students at their workstations or with tablets. What schools should know is that headphones play a pivotal role in every teacher’s lesson planning process. In buying Chromebook headphones, every school should consider their specific needs and ensure they are met.

Schools invest in Chromebook headphones make a smart choice as compared to those that don’t. By nature, a classroom is a noisy place on any day. What with the exchange ideas between students and the teacher? With Chromebook headphones, the teacher can keep the level of noise at the minimum and that of learning at the maximum. The teacher can maintain order and keep the learners doing what they want them to do. Using Chromebook headphones in the classroom comes with enormous possibilities to enhance focus and learning.

Here are five reasons why schools are smart to invest in Chromebook headphones for their students:

  • Making learning more exciting

Chromebook headphones can make learning more entertaining in a lot of ways. While learners may prefer having their headphones in a color, the major advantage of using them is that they enable them to participate in a wide variety of activities in class. With Chromebook headphones, you can incorporate games or music into the lesson. Chromebook headphones can act as a reward for good behavior. You might want to allow the students to use them with their favorite toy or computer game as a reward for doing well. This can encourage learners to perform better in the classroom and help maintain their attention.

  • Listening to a variety of facts

Although information is key to success, not everyone understands it uniformly. While some students learn better when facts and instructions are repeated to them throughout the day, others learn through interaction and looking for ways to apply the facts to things they already know. Schools should get headphones for all the students so they can listen to a variety of facts. When all the students in the classroom are using Chromebook headphones, they could select learning options that best suit them. Instead of disturbing others, they can work at their pace. Chromebook headphones also allow for a broad range of content delivery options including songs or games on a computer.

  • Creating a sharper focus on work

While Chromebook headphones could increase concentration, they can help enhance the learning experience. Thick and cushioned Chromebook headphones have the potential to block out sounds to make the environment quiet. Students can focus on the task at hand and not on the noises in the classroom. The result is better performance in tests. Teachers in schools with ICT facilities that use Chromebook headphones can create a distraction-free learning environment for their students.

  • Enhancing the education experience

Schools can use Chromebook headphones to change the learning experience for the better. By investing in Chromebook headphones, schools help students reach their full potential in the classroom. If you are looking for a way to give the students more learning opportunities and assist them in focus, getting them a pair these headphones is the way to go.

  • Maintaining interest in the learning process

If there is a reason why schools should consider investing in Chromebook headphones, it is that they could encourage students to keep learning. Chromebook headphones not only aid in the educational process, but they also help the learners hear well. If you add in the fact that they block out sound during tests, then Chromebook headphones are an indispensable tool for students’ classroom use. Nothing encourages students to further their education like having all the tools for learning.


Clearly, there are many reasons why schools should make the smart choice of investing in Chromebook headphones. Most of the advantages go to enhancing the learner’s experience in the classroom. So, why not invest in Chromebook headphones for your school?