How to Maximize Battery Life of Headphones during Distance Learning

Any parent who has spent the last several months helping their child attend school remotely knows firsthand that there are a fair amount of headaches involved. Between juggling your child’s school assignments, Zoom class schedule, and technical support issues along with your own work-from-home struggles, distance learning hasn’t exactly been a picnic for everyone.

On top of the most talked-about stressors, some little annoyances have a way of making a remote school day go south pretty quickly- for example, discovering that the wireless Chromebook headphones your child uses for distance learning never got plugged into the charger last night! Losing battery power on wireless headsets can go from a mild frustration to an absolute day-ruiner pretty quickly, especially when you have more than one child and limited space for each of them to attend their remote classes. Not having Chromebook headphones available that work can lead to distractions, lack of concentration, and general chaos while you’re trying to keep everything going smoothly.

Fortunately, we have a few tips and tricks for extending the battery life of your child’s wireless Chromebook headphones. Check them out!

Charge Them Out Of the Box

If you just purchased your child’s wireless Chromebook headphones, you may think they are fully charged and ready to go. However, you may be in for a terrible surprise when they run out of juice halfway through their maiden voyage. Most headset manufacturers ship their products out with less than a full charge. To optimize the life of the battery, be sure to charge it for 6 to 8 hours right out of the box, and then ensure that it gets fully charged for at least the first three times it is used. After that, only charge when the battery is low to increase its lifespan.

Don’t Over-Charge

On the opposite side of the coin, keeping your Chromebook headphones on the charger whenever it’s not in use isn’t healthy for the battery either. Once you’ve primed your headset by fully charging it for the first three uses, avoid putting it on the charger until the red indicator light comes on, signaling a low battery. Though it is tempting to want to charge your headset every evening to have it ready for school the next day, this can reduce the life of the battery, leading to problems with holding a charge in the future.

Keep a Wired Pair of Chromebook Headphones Handy

Rather than run the risk of losing a whole day of distance-learning productivity, why not make sure your child has a wired backup? A small, inexpensive pair of headphones or earbuds will help him or her make do in a pinch, so you don’t have to worry about the headset battery dying in the middle of the school day.

Your child’s wireless Chromebook headphones are a wonderfully handy tool for maintaining a distraction-free environment in a less-than-ideal learning situation. By keeping some of these tips in mind, you can have peace of mind that there will never again be a school day that gets interrupted by a dead battery.