School kids love Chromebook Headphones and here’s why

If you have had access to Chromebooks at your school, you now understand the roles they play and the benefits they accrued to students. With the wide range of educational applications and multimedia programs, Chromebooks have the opportunity to facilitate curriculum development of a student. Moreover, teachers in institutions have reported leveraging these devices to enhance their work in classrooms and aiding students to understand various topics.

Sometimes, in order for these school kids to focus on their tasks and minimize distractions at all cost, you may prefer that they use headphones. Chromebooks come equipped with a single 3.5mm TRRS plug. Therefore, only 3.5mm plug headsets and headphones are compatible. This single TRRS plug controls both the headphones and microphone with a single plug.

Once you’ve selected your preferred audio output device (headphone (without mic) or a headset usually with mic), a number of solutions designed for use in educational environments can be selected i.e. in-ear and over ear (this depends on your preferences and requirements).

Important Kids Headphone Features

Chromebooks headphones do have selective features that make it ideal for school kids and why they love them. They include:

  1. Volume Limiting: Children headsets, among medical professionals, shouldn’t be set above 85 decibels (dB). Additionally, they should have a volume control sub-feature or an audio limiting cable. Additionally, certain environments may require one to increase the volume temporarily above the stipulated amount, for instance in airplanes.
  2. The size of Headband: Chromebook headphones do come with an adjustable headband. Most adult size headbands even when adjusted cannot fit a child’s head, however, Chromebook headphones do adjust perfectly and securely over a child’s head.
  3. Compatible Audio Jack: As I’ve mentioned earlier on, a Chromebook requires the standard 3.5mm TRRS audio jack. This compatibility also extends to iPads, iPods (except iPhone 7) and basically most of the tablets and smartphones available.
  4. Ear Cup Size: Aside from fitting perfectly over a toddler’s head, Chromebook Headphones need to be specifically designed with ear cups that are much smaller than the usual adult ones. They come in two types:
  5. On the Ear Kids Headphones, which go on the outside of a toddler or child’s ear. They are quite comfortable, however, they fail to cancel out ambient noise, meaning the child may be required to increase the volume way beyond 85dB to hear through them.
  6. Over the Ear Kids Headphones, which cup the whole ear. This type provides an excellent sound experience by blocking out ambient noise and additionally, allowing for a lower volume setting. However, since it cups the whole ear, there is little air circulation leading the ears becoming warm.
  7. Noise Canceling Kids Headphones: Chromebook headphones have noise canceling Considering a headphone with a noise canceling feature is hard to find. Chromebook headphones have this feature and do a better job blocking ambient noise. This can be ideal if one is traveling or at the school where there is need to block out noise distractions for easier concentration and learning.