Essential Chromebook Accessories That Are A Must

Essential Chromebook Accessories That Are A Must

Chromebook are hitting it off in the market of technological gizmos. What is a Chromebook you ask? Well, a Chromebook is a different species of a laptop. Most laptops run on Operating Systems of the Windows and Mac OS platform, but a Chromebook runs on a Google Chrome Operating System. Most of the Chromebook application and programs require online services in order to work, therefore, investing in Internet connectivity is key.

Based on these qualities, it is easy to use and sleek as well. Chromebooks are a sensation and once you have it on your desk there should be quality accessories to complement it. Unfortunately, most Chromebooks come devoid of the basic essential component, sound. Sound is as important as visual since a Chromebook can also be used to watch your favorite movies and stream media online. Therefore, I’ve prepared this article to help you decide on the type of audio output you’ll need.

Headphones & Microphones

Chromebooks come equipped with a single 3.5mm TRRS plug. Therefore, only 3.5mm plug headsets and headphones are compatible. This single TRRS plug controls both the headphones and microphone with a single plug.

The older headphones with the headset mic might be too much and you hate them because they give you a stiff neck or simply because you hate having the mic dangling on your neck. Therefore, newer models that offer much more for less have arrived in the market and you can shop for models that are flexible and easy to use. For instance, GE Universal All IN One Stereo Headset, having the ability to connect to more than one device including the Chromebook which only allows the 3.5 mm TRRS connector though an added feature, the TRRS connector. With this headset, you can also plug it in your phone or tablets.

In addition, modern headphones d come equipped with noise limiting capabilities, enabling you to shut off ambient noise.

Most importantly, another thing to note is the fact that wireless technology has aided technological development as well and with the Chromebook, this feature has not been left behind. To enjoy the wireless feature well, you’ll need to activate your Chromebook Bluetooth feature and ensure you have the latest drivers installed. Just activate your Bluetooth on both the device and the wireless headset and pair them both then you are good to go.

The wireless feature offers versatility in movement, you can work out, do chores and others as well in a safe manner and carefree, since there are no wires to entangle you or prevent you from being mobile.


Alternatively, you can decide to be static, and buy yourself cool speakers, mid-range and of modern sound quality technology. These come in handy if you have friends over and it’s movie night, or maybe that great football or baseball game. Chromebook do support audio-out jack. In addition, having mentioned the wireless technology, you can also get Bluetooth speakers and pair them with your Chromebook. Just remember to charge them fully first.