What are Chromebook headphones?

With developing technology ideas that continue to grow nowadays, the search for higher performance headphones has become more difficult than ever. As an able example, the Chromebook is making a stronghold on becoming the highest form of portable computing that enables almost all (if not all) of the features that a laptop can have while providing portability features and being as handy as any laptop or even a netbook is. What’s even more is that it provides full access to Google’s computing features, which now is becoming an important trend because of cloud computing.

Nevertheless, what is a Chromebook, really? A Chromebook is a laptop or a netbook, or even a tablet. But unlike these, it is operated by a relatively new Operating System, which is not Windows, Mac or even Linux. Chromebooks are operated by Google’s Chrome OS. This OS is Google’s take on making everything run on its own platform. It is powered by similar office features that can also be seen with a Mac or Windows laptops – but with a little twist, it will only work with the help of cloud computing. This may have a small drawback when you can barely do anything when you are not online, it also has its own convenience as files made on the Chromebook can be accessed and edited to almost any other device available through cloud computing technology. Therefore, this means that a Chromebook is just like every other netbook or laptop out there, only it can do more. However, much like other laptops or tablets, a Chromebook’s built-in audio will not be as reliable when it comes to quality and audio clarity. In order to address this, a set of headphones should be obtained as an additional accessory. Chromebook headphones can look like any other headphones sold out there but there are essentials that only a Chromebook can enjoy.

There is one simple difference though; a Chromebook only has one audio jack that’s intended for both microphone and sound. Therefore, if you have bought headphones or more specifically a headset and you require listening to the audio while talking through the microphone, you will have a slight problem there. If you have bought these kinds of headphones and you want them to use on your Chromebook, they would be useless and can only be used for either talking or listening at any given time. It’s a dilemma only for wired headphones though, as wireless headphones can be used for both listening and talking at the same time when connected to a Chromebook. You can use wireless headphones freely on a Chromebook through a Bluetooth connection. Another work-around on wired headphones is to find one port wire intended for both listening and talking at the same time. It’s hard to find them but that is the only work around with Chromebook connections. Another way is to find headphones that can be connected is through USB. This is more abundant nowadays with technology clinging to faster response times on connections such as a USB rather than through a 3.5 mm jacks.

Chromebook headphones have a reputation of being very useful and reliable. One should know that there are some limitations to the connectivity of particular headphones on Chromebooks thus awareness before buying is essential.