What Should I Do if I Need my Chromebook Fixed?

Chromebooks are much like other netbooks that run a Windows or a Mac OS in which there are set ways in order to troubleshoot if there are things that are not running normally. Here are some problems that may be encountered during the use of a Chromebook:

Problems connecting to wired networks

  • Please check the internet router if it is connected to a working Ethernet Cable or a USB adapter.
  • The status area will show your account picture and indicates if it is connected on a wired connection or not.
  • If it is connected, try checking the router connection on another computer, if it connects to the Internet, you might need to use another cable/adapter.

Battery won’t charge

  • Check if the charger and adapter cables are securely connected on the Chromebook.
  • Check if the power outlet is working by using another device for plugging.
  • Once done, plug the Chromebook and try to charge for 30 minutes.
  • If problems persist, restart the Chromebook.

Cannot connect with a Bluetooth device

  • Check if the Bluetooth device that you want to connect with Chromebook is fully charged or has enough battery.
  • Make sure that the PIN you have input corresponds to the one shown on the Bluetooth device.
  • If there is an intermittent Bluetooth connection, try to move the Bluetooth device closer to the Chromebook or move away from other wireless devices or appliances.

Camera is not working properly

  • Try to turn off the camera, then turn it on.
  • If you are using the camera on an app, try to use it on another app and check if it works. If it works, re-install the app where the camera is not working.

Chrome OS freezing / crashing

  • Try to close all windows of browsers and apps and re-check again.
  • If there is a specific tab in the browser causing the Chromebook to crash or freeze, try hard refresh by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R.
  • If there are new apps that you have installed recently, try to uninstall them and check the Chromebook’s behavior afterwards.

“Aw Snap!” page keeps on coming up on the browser

  • Close the browser windows that you are not using.
  • Turn off the Chromebook and turn it back on.
  • Open Task Manager (press Shift + Esc) and close any apps or processes that you are not using.
  • Turn off browser extensions by doing the following:
    1. Type chrome://extensions in the address bar then press Enter.
    2. Uncheck the Enabled tab on the extensions that you are not using.

Google Account Sign – in problems (“Sorry, your email or password could not be verified”)

  • Ensure the username and password you have typed is correct.
  • Ensure your Chromebook has a strong and constant Internet connection.
  • Make sure to type in your username together with @gmail.com.
  • Try signing with your old password if you have recently changed your password.

Activating your network (“Before signing in, please start a Guest session to activate the network”)

  • Sign out of your Chromebook and click Browse as Guest.
  • Check if you can sign in using your credentials, if not and you have forgotten your username or password or both, go to www.google.com/accounts/recovery.
  • If problem persists, browse the Google Accounts help Center for more help.