Best Way to Use a Chromebook Headphone

A Chromebook is a different species of a laptop. Most laptops run on Operating Systems of the Windows and Mac OS platform, but a Chromebook runs on a google chrome Operating System. Most of the Chromebook application and programs require online services in order to work, therefore, investing in Internet connectivity is key. Most of the documents are stored in the cloud. A striking feature is the sound connectivity feature. It lets you select either wireless technology (i.e. Bluetooth) or wired mode for connecting your audio device. Understanding how to use these two features exclusively can make you a Chromebook master. Here’s how:

Wireless Headphone connecting

To enjoy the wireless feature well, you’ll need to activate your Chromebook Bluetooth feature and ensure you have the latest drivers installed.

To activate the Bluetooth connectivity is relatively easy. On the lower right corner of the taskbar click to open the settings submenu. On the Bluetooth icon, click Enable Bluetooth. Then follow the prompted instructions to pair your Bluetooth headphones device. In addition, Wireless BT mics, and speakers can be connected in this fashion.

Once activated, you’ll pair and connect your device. Pairing establishes a link for wireless connection. The pairing feature is only for Bluetooth first time connections, afterward, you’ll have an easy connection.

Before you start a pairing operation, make sure that:

  • The Bluetooth device (Chromebook) is well near range, within 3 feet (1 meter) of the headphone.
  • The wireless headphone is charged sufficiently.
  • You understand the basics of operating the devices, then proceed to pair by entering pairing mode on the headset.

Depending on the device, in this case, the Chromebook, the headset may connect with the device automatically as soon as they are paired.

Advantages of Wireless feature

The wireless feature offers versatility in movement, you can work out, do chores and others as well in a safe manner and carefree, since there are no wires to entangle you or prevent you from being mobile.

Disadvantage of Wireless feature

Since it requires you to fully charge the devices, there is a limit as to how long you can use the headphones via Bluetooth. Additionally, incompatible drivers may make it impossible to use.

Wired Headphones Connecting

Chromebooks come equipped with a single 3.5mm TRRS plug. Therefore, only 3.5mm plug headsets and headphones are compatible. This single TRRS plug controls both the headphones and microphone with a single plug.

Once you’ve selected you preferred audio output device (headphone (without mic) or a headset usually with mic), a number of solutions designed for use in different environments can be selected, i.e. in-ear and over ear (this depends on your preferences and requirements).

Depending on these two modes (wireless and wired), both have exceptional advantages to offer, while still having a set of disadvantages we cannot ignore.


There is a limit to mobility and distance from the Chromebook. In addition, specific headphone jacks, 3.5mm, can fit into the Chromebook.